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Source Locally, Eat Nutritiously, Live Sustainably

“As parents, we do our best to raise our children with nourishment, but it's inevitable that we default into rushed multitasking, often at the expense of our health. If the last two years have taught us anything, it's the importance of intentional family time, immune-boosting nutrition, exercise, and yes, rest.” said Candes Gentry. “EAT PONO was inspired by the relentless questions of my 9-year-old son Poet, who encouraged me to slow down and, with the help of Google and Alexa (let’s be real), start questioning where our food comes from and what provides the necessary nutrients needed for us to optimally function at all ages. Now, we read nutrition labels together, talk about what a colorful balanced meal should look like, attempt to grow as many ingredients as we can, repurpose our food scraps and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen…together.” 

A passion project turned practical-and-prolific healthy lifestyle guide, EAT PONO was penned in 2021 amid the global pandemic with the motto: Source Local. Eat Nutritiously. Live Sustainably.  Inspired by her and partner, Steve Shropshire’s son, Poet’s brave young choices to take care of the environment, learn time-honored fishing and agriculture traditions and to make daily healthy choices in order to thrive together as a family. EAT PONO is an ode to the Gentry legacy renowned for exploration, growth, giving back and yes cooking…together. Did we mention the recipes are simple and oh-so-ono!

“Poet and I are now life-long-(foodie)-learners of mother nature. We are excited to share this conversation with our community so as to broaden sustainable lifestyle practices. Afterall, a core value of our culture is anchored in the shared love of food and stewardship of our 'āina. Our hope is that EAT PONO will inspire others to question their own food choices and experiment with these yummy and ‘pono’ ways to flourish as a healthy ohana.” said Candes Gentry, Author and Publisher of EAT PONO.

The 140-page-turner is a visual delight inspired by relaxed island-living with exclusive vibrant photography by Tara Young. The cookbook, (available in print and Kindle digital-download), details Food Sourcing Recommendations, Recipes to Start the Day and an array of easy-must-taste Smoothies, Bowls, Snacks, Wholesome Meals, Lite Bites, Sweets, Juicing and an overview of usage for Oils-Nuts-Seeds. Of note, Candes and Poet’s favorite recipes to make together include Overnight Oats (pg 22), Empanadas (pg 84), and Poet’s Famous Healthy Chocolate Mousse (pg 109).

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Review by Jane Marshall Goodsill Author of Voices of Hawaii vol 1 and 2

“I found this book so refreshing.  It is not ladened with carb or sugar-heavy recipes.  All the ingredients are fresh and the dishes come out just as they are described.  The back-story of the family honoring their son’s vision of health is inspiring.  And the photos are lovely.  Thank you for putting this together for us, Candes and Poet!”

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