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Plastic Bag in Ocean


Get your hands dirty!

Here are ways that each of us can get involved and make a difference. 
"The flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today..."

Get Involved : Activities
Image by Bluewater Globe

Carry a reusable water bottle

One of the easiest things we can do to protect our planet is carry a reusable water bottle. Be a part of the solution not the pollution of our landfills, oceans and streams.
In the US alone 35 billion water bottles are thrown away each year.

Fresh Vegetables in Basket

Source Local

Join a CSA "Community Supported Agriculture" shopping service where you can support local farmers and enjoy locally grown and sourced foods year-round. Shopping at your local farmer's market is also a great way to support your local economy and reduce your family's carbon footprint.

Learn about our Planet

Take a class, watch a documentary, volunteer at a community garden, read a book. 

The Biggest Little Farm is one of our family favorites. 

Image by Noah Buscher

Buy in bulk

Buy your staples like grains and dry goods in bulk and store properly to reduce the use of single use packaging.
Accumulate savings, reduce packing waste and save valuable time.

Image by Maddi Bazzocco
Image by Markus Spiske

Plant a garden 

Plant a home garden and eat what you grow learning alongside your children as you both grow as gardeners. Planting a garden or volunteering at a community garden gives children insight into where food comes from and how much energy it takes to cultivate food.

Image by Heather Ford


Start composting your food and garden waste. 1/3 of our Earth's soils are degraded. Regenerate the earth by regenerating the soil through composting.

Eat Plant Based

By eating plant based once a week, or 2 out of 3 meals a day, you can reducing carbon emissions generated by agricultural practices. Take part in combating climate change.

Healthy Salad

Carry a reusable shopping bag

It's estimated that you can save 500 single-use plastic bags a year by carrying one reusable bag. Save the environment, reduce pressure on overcrowded landfills and protect endangered wildlife by carrying a reusable bag.

Reusable Shopping Bag


Get Involved : News & Updates


Save Our Reefs

Eat Pono invites you to visit our partner Fish Pono's website to learn more about their public education campaign aimed at saving our reefs by encouraging pono fishing methods.

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